Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I SEE YOU...13

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The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
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Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:
I need thirteen fosters for thirteen dogs that landed December 23rd at LAX from the most cruel and violent slaughterhouses in Busan South Korea.   #Marc Ching

                                                 South Korea Survivors #13               

If I could...

I would speak to you of wars fought on the inside of my heart. If I could, I would use my hands to paint the clouds above, so on the inside you could understand what they took.

I hate the space that divides me. I hate the darkness that envelops my surrounding. I hate that I still see the dying breath of those I could not take with me.

I try to be strong. But no one is strong all the time. I try to speak truth, but truth can never fully describe... the absence of light found on the inside of my heart.

I have been chasing that part of me they took. That part of me they strung and hung there by a noose. And now more then ever, I am beginning to understand that I cannot reclaim what I lost. I cannot take back what is dying and what is gone.

In January, my rescue mission in Asia will come to an end. I will make one last effort to save those I feel I need to save. I am going to take control of a slaughterhouse, liberate those that need to be liberated, and then burn it to the ground.

I cannot win there. At least not in the way I am doing it. And each time I return, they hang my flesh and cut me from the wall. I am dying. And have to focus on rescuing myself.

Tomorrow, thirteen dogs that I liberated will land at Los Angeles International. These dogs, they are from the most cruel and violent slaughterhouses in Busan South Korea.

Tomorrow, the piece of me they crucified and buried underneath. Tomorrow, my soul that left me - hopefully it will teach me how to breathe.

Hold my hand and guide me...

Marc Ching needs thirteen fosters close to the Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles area.
Thirteen homes for thirteen dogs whose lives have only known darkness.   ###Marc Ching


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  1. I would love to foster any of them. I have extensive training with dogs....I am a pet groomer of almost 20 years now. Only problem is I live in NC in the country! While any dog would love to chase chickens and run after the horses I read you need them in Sherman Oaks area. Please let me know if there's anything I can do!