Sunday, December 6, 2015

I SEE YOU...Lion

Guest Writer
Founder, Marc Ching: 
The PetStaurant
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
Sherman Oaks, CA. 

                                                                Lion #11

My name is Lion,

I am a torture and abuse survivor from a slaughterhouse on the outer ring of Beijing China. While I am stable and healthy enough to make the journey to Los Angeles, it may take me up to a year to fully recover from a life of being tortured and electrocuted.

Marc rescued me from a Chinese gang run slaughter operation where dogs like me are kidnapped from their families. When Marc first pressed his feet onto concrete - the imagery he saw were of dogs being hung, and live bodies that were being crucified into walls.

I remember watching as he fell to his knees. I remember him cutting the binds off of severed feet. I had never seen a person so gently place their fingers on the dying. I had never seen someone gift to the persecuted his own breath, or wrap his tears into pendants that he wore to protect.

My skin is literally patched with burn and electrocution marks. Internally there are nine pellets that were shot into me. One close to my lung. The next, neighboring my heart.

On December 3rd 2015 I became an American. I became a citizen in a country where Marc promised that I will regain some of what I lost. Even though so much has been stolen from me, my eyes only see what is in my heart.

The day Marc rescued me, the day Marc cut the noose that hung me from the wall - he folded into my paw words that breathed life into my lungs. The day Marc saved me, his mouth whispered, "There is a lion inside your heart. Roar..."   ### Marc Ching

                                                          Lion & Marc

Marc Ching's devotion and courage to rescue tortured dogs from their living hell is unstoppable. His passion and mission is boundless, as he'll travel the ends of the earth to give a quality life to those born simply to give us joy. Most times that joy doesn't begin until Marc demolishes every obstacle to reach them....even if that means battling the darkness himself. He is the true Lord of the Dogs.....    ---R. B. STUART


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