Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I SEE YOU....Holly

Guest Writer
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
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Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:

The Compassion Rescue Mission     

                               Survivor: Holly #22 - Seeks a Home in June 2016 

"I aged a lot in these last five months. When I stare at my face, I barely recognize the skin that I was born to.

When I lift my hands to catch tears that dry into the earth, I barely remember what it is like to feel my face. To press my flesh against your lips. To breathe in moments. To have my mouth consume your sweat.

We die trying to find ourselves. Die - in the same blade that cuts bone from skin. I cannot see straight. I cannot think. But I know in the end, I cannot give up on them. I have come too far. Sacrificed too much.

This morning when I woke, I decided one last trip. A final break into the abyss. Into blood that divides and pulls from the night, words that have no definition or end.

There is no way for me to describe, the toll this has taken on both my soul and my heart. At night sometimes, I sit alone in the dark. My hands at war with shadows my fingers animate. The way we prod. The way we use silhouettes. The way I think I deserve to die in torment.
I remember the lives lost. I remember the mouths I could not save. And no matter what I do, I know you cannot change it. I know we cannot go back into time. I know we cannot unbirth death.

My last stand. June 2016. The final breath. My peak into the sky. The breaking of the horizon and my mouth into the dying. After this, there will be nothing left. No name. No face. But with the one life I live, if who I am can save them.

History. Fucking history.
(The dog in this picture, I named her Holly. A survivor of one of the most extreme torture and cruelty situations. I will bring her back with me in June 2016. Where she will live as a symbol - of how light overcomes darkness. Destiny.)"   ###Marc Ching

In the eight months that I've known Marc, I have forced myself to glimpse the razors edge of his first hand experiences of horrifying, barbaric, heartbreaking torture of our beloved Dogs---through the visual account from his journey's of the underworld of slaughterhouses in Asia. I can no longer turn a blind eye or deaf ear---if all he asks in return is awareness. While he is blanketed by the numbness of suffering, muffled screams, splatters of blood---the agony brought about by meat cleavers that not only penetrate the bones of these defenseless, beautiful forgiving creatures--but reach the marrow of their Souls.

If he can stand stoically in his conviction, like a Viking on the battlefields, and not ask anything from us except to view what he has absorbed in his flesh, drank with his eyes, and sacrificed his heart and psyche for---the sites and sounds glued to him, the muck of darkness and devastation, the mire of evil that haunts him hours, days, weeks after he comes home. 

If he can withstand that, even though his heart remains raw, his knees wobbling---then "I can" look, watch, see, hear, cry, obsess over the images, their furry bodies, their innocent faces, their hollow eyes as death hovers over them---with the same love that Marc has---that propels him forward to recue the ones stolen in the night, awaiting for someone, anyone to find them and bring them.....home.  ---R .B. Stuart     


Friday, March 11, 2016

I SEE YOU...Hanoi

Guest Writer
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
The PetStaurant

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Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:

The Compassion Rescue Mission                                                            

3 March 2016:

                                   Hanoi, Vietnam: Torturing with a Smile #21
It's love that guides me. It's my past that pushes me to find my future. It's the suffering. The darkness that as a people we cannot leave behind, nor forget.

That is what makes us who we are. That is what builds our heart into who ever it is we are destined to become. Tears. Breaking parts. The greatest love song.

When I am there. When I see their blood spill to the floor from their skin. When I feel them take their last dying breath - the darkness, it consumes me.

I rescue, because in the end it is me whom I am rescuing. I rescue, because in that one moment when you stand that close to death, you find exactly who you were meant to be.

Chaos is defining.

In death, I see liberty. In death, I make a choice to give them a chance to die in peace.

Today I rescued 21 dogs. Four of them had no legs. Two I saved shackled and chained the moment fire was set to them. Six died as we brought them from darkness into light. Five had their chests cut opened, died in the van on the way to emergency.
In the end, I hope they knew I came to save them. That when they left this Earth, they left knowing that someone loved and cared for them. That a piece of who they were passed through my skin. A piece I pass to you. A piece I pass to my own children.

For the first time since I started doing this, I broke into the darkness. While my knees still buckled to the concrete beneath. While my eyes still shattered into a thousand tears that pieced through the hearts of those that stood there dying. I found who I was. I rescued. For those that could not be saved, I was peace.

I documented. And when I left with the dogs I came to liberate, my mind took solace in the fact that soon I will have the pieces I need to finish my media campaign.

Because if you could stand there with me. If you could hold my bleeding heart in your veins. If you could watch what I call the end of humanity. The death and darkness, it is so compelling, they would have to enact laws to change it.

I believe, because I see it. I believe, because I breathe in darkness - and it is terrifying.

Stand with me. Break into the Earth with me. Die with me. Take this journey into hell with me. Hold my hand when I come back bleeding. Tell me that in the end, that the suffering will be worth it.

One country, and three slaughterhouses less. I leave North Vietnam to Thailand in the morning. ###Marc Ching

When a nation teaches its children that torture, abuse, crucifixion and slaughter of a domesticated, defenseless animal capable of kindness, joy, love and protection---its elders owe society the recalibration of its moral compass of wisdom and intelligence that senseless abuse is no longer acceptable in a world were there are other forms of food. I highly doubt if the caveman or Egyptian's ate their immortalized canine companions etched for millennia on the walls of ruins. This barbaric, unconscionable act of disfiguring and dismembering dogs for profit while they remain alive---is evil to say the least. Let us not turn away or forget the tragedy our lovely furry packages encounter daily on the other side of the moon.... ---R. B. Stuart  


Saturday, February 27, 2016

I SEE YOU...Rescue Them

Guest Writer
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
The PetStaurant

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Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:

                       Marc Ching Bowing before a Tortured and Cremated Dog #20

The Compassion Project:
My trip is set. Five countries in nine days.

The most intense, and probably the most grueling journey I have set upon in regards to liberating dogs, that cannot liberate themselves.

I will visit a total of eleven slaughterhouses, two dog farms - all in a nine day expanse. My aim and goal, to rescue and save whomever it is that I can. But also to work to obtain the footage I believe I need in order to push governments to enact change.
Because if I could take you there. If you could hear the way they use their words to ask for mercy.

If you could stand with me there. If you could hold my hand as the Earth pulls their exploding hearts from my reach. You would bleed the same tears I bleed. And in the end, at that moment when you and I face death - you would have no choice but to face it with me.

Because once you see it. Once your skin is stained in the stench that dismembering a dog alive leaves across your chest - who you are, it will be the same tattooed sleeves that hold these dying dogs in my arms.

When I press my feet into that place. When who I am journeys pass the divide that separates humanity from the inhumane, I find my skin flush against a blade.
I stand there. On that precipice - breaking into the wind like ice falling from the sky to my knees. It was my chest they cut open. It was my palms that they nail gunned crucifying my hands into walls.

I have to be the one to save them.

North Vietnam. Cambodia. Thailand. Yulin China. South Korea. 5 countries. 11 slaughterhouses. 9 days.

May my heart, and may my wanting to do good keep me safe. May I find my way back home to my children and my family. May the goodness inside of me, may I not lose the best of who I am to darkness.

Freedom... it begins March 2nd 2016.
Let the tears I push through my skin, and the way I live my life - be the way in which I am remembered. My name is Marc Ching. This is the heart of rescue. And I am the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.

I die, because someone has to die to save them. Rescue me.  ###Marc Ching
Please spread the courageous, selfless work of Marc Ching. He stands in the blood of these victimized dogs so we don't have to, he hears their desperate pleas for the pain to end, he see's the suffering and abuse South East Asia won't acknowledge...he brings home their tortured Spirits hoping their Soul is reborn into the loving, compassionate arms of humanity.  ---R. B. STUART

Sunday, February 21, 2016

I SEE YOU....Yubi Fox

Guest Writer
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
The PetStaurant
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Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:

                                      South Korean Slaughterhouse Survivor:
                                  Rescued, Rehabilitated, Ready for Adoption
                                                           Yubi Fox #19

My name is Yubi Fox,

I am a dog with a past so dark, that most dogs where I am from - never live to speak or tell of their story. While I was not born in this country, my short time here has been a dream that I never even believed could be possibility.

Marc rescued me from one of the most violent slaughterhouses in South Korea. It took me a long time to make my way to the states because the injuries sustained - I needed time to heal. While I am no longer cut open and torn, my heart is still pieces that fall to the Earth beneath me.

At night when I lay down to sleep, I wonder if people or other dogs ever live through a darkness this deep.

Since being in America, I was adopted out once to this great family. And even though I was brought back to the foundation, Marc had to teach me why people shed tears, and why they were still a good family. He said that my destiny is about achieving perfection. And while that home may have seemed like a great home, things have to work for both me and the family.

I have issues. And I guess if you were submerged in darkness. I guess if your flesh was ripped open by the hands of man - you would have issues too. I need time. Not to heal my skin or the bones within me, but my soul.

Teach me how to pull it back inside.
It is strange, how when I think of where I used to be. How you never believe that life can hold this kind of possibility. I was beat. My body was thrown against concrete. Everyday I wondered if this would be the day I died. Everyday I sat there, closing my eyes believing that if I could not see monsters - they could not take my life.

In the end I was right. In the end he came to save me. My name is Yubi Fox, and I am up for adoption at The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. I deserve the dream that people chase on the other side. I deserve to find my soul, and pull it back inside.

Teach me that the world is not a place of infinite suffering. Rescue me. ###Marc Ching
This 1.5 year old girl seeks the patience of a loving understanding heart, kind hands, and peaceful, tranquil home to help her overcome the darkness of abuse and torture. Someone who is committed to giving Yubi Fox a life she never knew was possible. She found the courage to survive a horror that no living being should ever endure---do you have the courage to love her the rest of the way....  ---R. B. STUART  

Monday, February 1, 2016

I SEE YOU...Rudi

Guest Writer
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
The PetStaurant
FB - The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation 
Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:
                                           South Korean Slaughterhouse Dog:
                                    Rescued, Ready for Adoption Feb. 7, 2016;
                                              Rudi #18 - One of the Lucky 7

My name is Rudi, 

I am a slaughterhouse dog from Gimcheon South Korea. I am a full breed pug, and when people look at me I am certain they say - how could a dog like me end up in slaughter. Where I am from, dogs are stolen everyday from families. Taken from the comfort of their lives, and pulled into a world of torture and misery.

Marc watched as they hung me by a noose. As they beat me with metal sticks where I screamed out in a tongue that could not ask for mercy. Before they were about to cut off my feet, Marc negotiated my release, as well as the release of twenty four other dogs.

From his last rescue mission, he liberated 35 lives, with only seven of us surviving. Dogs like me, we die a death that most people in America could never even believe possible. The lives he saves, each of us had been tortured in an unimaginable way. Some beat with pipes. Some electrocuted. Some dismembered without legs.

While I am a survivor, my spirit has been cut open and broken. I have been in isolation here in South Korea at the vet for a few weeks now, and am being treated for skin lacerations and trauma to my pelvis and spine. I am expected to make a full recovery, however, I am deathly afraid of people. Every time the nurse attempts to put a leash on to walk me, I seizure from anxiety.

It is going to take patience and time, and parents whom really understand me - if I ever hope to live a partially normal life again.

Marc claims it is a miracle that I am alive. And that if I try, that life will balance itself out for me. That for every day I lived in darkness, that light will rain itself down from that great expanse above me. Marc claims there is always an end to suffering. And hope, for those that leave their hearts open to possibility.

On February 7th, 2016, I land at Los Angeles International where I will be up for adoption at the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.

Mom and dad - come to find me. Come and pull the darkness from the skin that surrounds me. Be my liberty, be the peace that I cannot find in darkness. Be the dream I dreamt of every night as I watched blood peel itself of off me.

Be exactly what and who I need to breathe. Because I am suffocating, still trapped in a darkness that I cannot push from my body.  ###MarcChing

After rescuing 35 South Korean slaughterhouse dogs---only 7 survived---even with a sagging heart, Marc Ching continues his mission. The images of hangings, being battered with pipes, electrocutions and being dismembered after they were already pawless---Marc Ching swims through the abyss of suffering he witnessed first hand, to cling to a Divine grace that the Lucky 7 who possessed the sliver of hope that they too would be loved one day---survived. And Rudi is one of them....

To be free from torture, free from hatred, free from the abuse, free from watching the blood of your brothers and sisters drip off your body knowing you'll be next, free from the fear, free from the darkness, free to just be---a Dog.  Is now the chance the Lucky 7 have...and it all begins with you...won't you let them rest their weary head on your lap. And with one swoop of your caress---all their painful memories vanish---and they'll peacefully sigh--thank you, I am now l o v e d.  ---R. B. STUART 


Friday, January 29, 2016


Guest Writer
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
The PetStaurant
FB - The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation 
Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:
                                          South Korean Slaughterhouse Dog:
                           Rescued, Rehabilitated, Ready for Adoption; Ash #17

My name is Ash,

And I was rescued by Marc Ching and the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation in November 2015. I was a bound dog, with my limbs duck taped - headed into slaughter where all my feet would have been cut off. The death I would have experienced, indescribable and eternal.

The place I am from, once you enter, a dog will never leave. eam. I closed my eyes and shuttered every time their blood flew across me. We will never live to feel someone hold and touch. My heart crumbled with every crushing scream. I closed my eyes and shuttered every time their blood flew across me.  

Who I am is basically a miracle. To be given a chance. To be pulled away when looking straight into death. No words can begin to describe how gracious I am to be alive.  

I am currently up for adoption at the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. I am a poodle mix, and Marc believes I was a dog that was stolen from my family. I am potty trained. Full of life considering the evil that had clothed my body. And while I lived in complete darkness, for whatever reason, God chose to save me.
Marc told me that whoever adopts me, that they will be lucky. That my gift to the world is that I was born to consume darkness. My name is Ash, and there is only light inside of me. Where ever I go, and who ever I become - I represent what evil can never conquer.  

May the life and the breath I breathe, may it be a testament to those that lost their life before me. May my existence prove that to do something extraordinary - you can be someone completely ordinary.
In the shadows. In the breaking dust when his hands pulled me from darkness, his mouth whispered, "This is the heart of rescue. And I am, The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation."
Believe, because life is something to believe in.     ###Marc Ching

On January 9th 2016 Marc Ching returned to China to breath light into the darkness that envelopes the slaughterhouse dog:

So it begins...

My journey back into darkness. Back into that place where who I am cannot understand and these hands - bruised and scarred from the life that came before me.

While I am a stranger to death. I had to lie down next to it. While I cannot comprehend their need to inflict torment. I was forced to inhale it. The blood. The way their screams became tears that bled into the concrete beneath.  

Because I can feel it already - the crumbling. I can feel my breath leaving my body, and the pieces of me I spent last month pulling back together, breaking to the Earth below me.

I am going to die out there.

I know it. I can see the sky breaking into the dust surrounding. And while my death will not be of my body, dying is still dying. And death, it is still my heart bleeding into something.

I question why return. I question why put myself in front of so much suffering. Why leave my children and my family. Why leave my heart some place broken and barren.

I leave because I believe someone has to leave. I sacrifice because I believe someone has to stand against what most of us cannot. And while I am not strong. I am strong enough. While I am afraid. I am brave enough. While I am weak. I know my heart finds what it needs when it needs to.

This journey, it is going to be the darkest journey ever. I will venture to different regions within China to save dogs from slaughterhouses. I will once again go to dog farms and torture chambers in South Korea. But this time, I will go to the outskirts of Hanoi Vietnam to a place where the devastation and the abuse - extreme and unfathomable.

I do this because I have to. I do this because this is who I am now. This is my heart, and just like each of you cannot, I cannot change who I am and who I was destined to become.

I am hope in that darkness. I am a fucking miracle when no miracle is left to be found. And in that moment of death, in that moment when my heart is about to explode - my flesh and breath will become life once again. My hands, they will become hands of liberation. And I will pick from the Earth their bleeding bodies and carry them. I will be hope. I will be faith. I will be freedom for those whom only know torment.

My quest to save myself, it begins - here and now, in this moment. 01/09/2016, The Heart of Rescue.

I sacrifice my life, because someone has to...  ###Marc Ching

To selflessly rescue these tortured, loving creatures...Marc Ching stretches the limits of his psyche as if he too is being tortured. To lay his eyes on the suffering, brutalized dogs... ravages his heart---and yet like a soldier going to battle---even if he has post traumatic stress---he moves forward carrying the limp, frail bodies of those furry babies that have been victimized by the hateful hands of man. And releases them unto the Earth---the Earth that bore them---or if their spirit and heart are steadfast enough---they travel across the oceans to unknown lands where, as with Ash---they are reborn....    ---R. B. STUART


Friday, January 15, 2016

I SEE YOU....24 Souls

Guest Writer
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
The PetStaurant
FB - The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation 
Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:

Marc Ching is the Lord of the Dogs.....

                                      South Korea Slaughterhouse Dogs #16

In my darkest dream, I would duel against death. I would face a nothingness, and reach this point that I pushed my lips to the edge.

I would stand there. My finger prints eroded. Lost by the way it clung to that precipice. To that belief inside of me that love could save me. That light could penetrate even the most desolate of places.

In the end, I learned they had lied to me. Light cannot always penetrate darkness. And in the midst of desperation, love is powerless.

My eyes saw a hundred dying dogs. I pressed to my chest so many carcasses that their stench, I cannot peel it off my skin. I watched them burn dogs alive. I watched them beat with malices countless of screaming lives. Mouths that became my mouths. Screams that became prayers to a God that was no where to be found.
I took thirteen showers in four hours, but cannot wash away the stench that clothes my body. Even now, with my flesh pressed to this bed, I feel their blood falling from the sky to my skin.

In my heart I have nothing left. In my heart, I am crumbling pieces swept into the wind. How do you make sense of all that madness. How do you face a death that is faceless and compassionless.

Three slaughterhouses, and a place where the abuse that rips at their skin - melts the tips right off your fingers. I cannot feel the space where they say you will find your heart. I cannot feel my face.

In the end, I could only save twenty four lives. Twenty four souls that I pulled from the Earth and carried on my side. Some died in my arms. Some died in the midst of desperation. Some made it to that place of promise.
In three hours, I will leave the loneliness of this room and head to the most dangerous mark on my path. I leave the darkness of the blood that stained my hands, and walk into the jungle of death. North Vietnam. Hanoi.
I am the voice for those that have no voice. I am the face to the faceless.
My name is Marc Ching, and I am a man on a journey to save who ever it is that I can. I am the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, and this is as pure and as real as it gets. This is me breaking into the wind.

I am not afraid, because when you are dead, there is nothing in you left. ###Marc Ching

I am not sure if China steeped in communist dogma has to do with their lack of empathy and compassion for animals---but if you savagely eat your dogs….the next step is cannibalism. ---R. B. STUART  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I SEE YOU...South Korea

Guest Writer
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
The PetStaurant
FB - The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation 
Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:

On 10 January 2016 Marc Ching headed to South Korea to rescue more slaughterhouse dogs. 

Liberation at Gimcheon South Korea

                                      South Korea Slaughterhouse Dogs #15
I cannot sleep.

It's 4:00 in the morning, and I am waiting for the sun to clear that edge. For the sun to dry the tears that fall from me to the bed.

As the sun rises, there will only be darkness where I am headed. Only death. Only my tears that burn the ground upon which I tread.

It's always before dawn that I question. That I begin to wonder if the sacrifice I make will be worth it. None of you can ever begin to imagine how ugly death is. The way watching a living thing being tortured, the way it crawls underneath your skin.

They have no heart here, the people doing these things. Its as if they were born without eyes, and cannot see the beauty inside the heart of a life. The atrocities of man, the atrocities of being compassionless - no words can ever describe the cruelty you will find.

I watched them crucify dogs into walls. I watched them burn dogs alive from their feet to their eyes. I die every time. And in each moment when I return, I push myself into this space where the darkness takes me - and I begin to crumble into the Earth.

Sometimes I wonder how much death my eyes can bear. Sometimes I wonder if there are other people that venture into the same places I dare. Because this is where the war is. This is where our hearts and voices are so desperately needed.

No one can understand the cruelty of a man born without a heart until you look into his eyes. It is terrifying. The hollowness you find, the evil that lurks in the absence of light. To them there are no reasons. No hope. Only nothingness.
And I guess that is the answer to why I return. Because I cannot leave them trapped there with nothing. I cannot leave them crucified into that wall until their breath peels itself from their skin.

In a few hours, I will die just like them.

May my heart and my wanting to do good, may it protect me as it always has. May the goodness I see in my children's hearts, may it be light in a space where love is absent.
My name is Marc Ching, and I promise to be that miracle for them. I promise, that to the end of my breath - I will be justice. Liberation in Gimcheon South Korea - God save them. ###Marc Ching

The unbearable courageousness of Marc Ching's rescue efforts blaze on.... He is crucifying his own Spirit to rescue the ravaged Souls of the tortured South Korean dogs. Please spread the awareness by sharing the links.    ---R. B. STUART    

Monday, January 4, 2016

I SEE YOU....Marc

Guest Writer
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
The PetStaurant
FB - The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation 
Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:

On 31 August 2015 Marc Ching headed to China for the first time to rescue dogs. Here's what he saw and the account as to why he does it:

                                             China Slaughterhouse Dogs #14

He went to China..... 

To save dogs. To survey the landscape. To see what I can do for both animals and the people out there.
Everyone asks me why there. Why invest my time in a foreign land with different rules and a differing value system. Why not here? Why not help the people and animals suffering here?

I do. I spend my time every day trying to do something here, trying to help and reach out in my own way. But it is there that I keep seeing these pictures. It is there that I keep seeing these videos capturing inhumanity at its worst.
The dismembering of a whale shark alive. The skinning of dogs while they still breathe to take their fur.
But it is there too, in these foreign lands that people have so little that they cannot help anyone but themselves. It is there, that the money I have goes so much further, so my reach and impact can really be a difference in the lives of so many. And whether it is here or there - to me it is still a life. It is still a beating heart. It is still a broken soul.

My trip will be short. I have never been anywhere in the world other then the United States. I am traveling there alone. I cannot speak Chinese. But I can speak the language all people around the world speak - compassion, understanding, and love. I am going to find both people and animals that are suffering. I am going to liberate and rescue them. I am going to use what I have learned in my life - and change the handful of lives that I come across. It is going to be an amazing journey. A journey of self realization. A journey of promise...

The places upon which my feet will press - it will be some of the darkest places out there. I am literally going to see the struggle. I am going to the country side to where people have nothing. To villages, to the dog meat markets, to a dog slaughterhouse, to the areas people explicitly look to avoid - to rescue and do what I can to save those around me that need saving.
In the end I might find that this is too much for me. That as a person I cannot do anything. That the risk to my life is too great. But in the end I might also find a tortured dog who needs me. A young child who desperately needs a chance. A family whom is starving and dying - who when they went to sleep that night dreamt that one day someone would come to save them. That someone would come to reach into the broken Earth and pull from it their crumbling heart.

It is going to be a great journey. And I believe my heart and my wanting to do good will keep me safe and protect me.   ### Marc Ching
Marc Ching's hope is that through his darkness, his sorrow, his grief, his torment, his courage....that he gives birth to the awareness---that we too suffer from the visual pain enough---to demand this be stopped.  ---R. B. Stuart