Friday, January 15, 2016

I SEE YOU....24 Souls

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The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
The PetStaurant
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Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:

Marc Ching is the Lord of the Dogs.....

                                      South Korea Slaughterhouse Dogs #16

In my darkest dream, I would duel against death. I would face a nothingness, and reach this point that I pushed my lips to the edge.

I would stand there. My finger prints eroded. Lost by the way it clung to that precipice. To that belief inside of me that love could save me. That light could penetrate even the most desolate of places.

In the end, I learned they had lied to me. Light cannot always penetrate darkness. And in the midst of desperation, love is powerless.

My eyes saw a hundred dying dogs. I pressed to my chest so many carcasses that their stench, I cannot peel it off my skin. I watched them burn dogs alive. I watched them beat with malices countless of screaming lives. Mouths that became my mouths. Screams that became prayers to a God that was no where to be found.
I took thirteen showers in four hours, but cannot wash away the stench that clothes my body. Even now, with my flesh pressed to this bed, I feel their blood falling from the sky to my skin.

In my heart I have nothing left. In my heart, I am crumbling pieces swept into the wind. How do you make sense of all that madness. How do you face a death that is faceless and compassionless.

Three slaughterhouses, and a place where the abuse that rips at their skin - melts the tips right off your fingers. I cannot feel the space where they say you will find your heart. I cannot feel my face.

In the end, I could only save twenty four lives. Twenty four souls that I pulled from the Earth and carried on my side. Some died in my arms. Some died in the midst of desperation. Some made it to that place of promise.
In three hours, I will leave the loneliness of this room and head to the most dangerous mark on my path. I leave the darkness of the blood that stained my hands, and walk into the jungle of death. North Vietnam. Hanoi.
I am the voice for those that have no voice. I am the face to the faceless.
My name is Marc Ching, and I am a man on a journey to save who ever it is that I can. I am the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, and this is as pure and as real as it gets. This is me breaking into the wind.

I am not afraid, because when you are dead, there is nothing in you left. ###Marc Ching

I am not sure if China steeped in communist dogma has to do with their lack of empathy and compassion for animals---but if you savagely eat your dogs….the next step is cannibalism. ---R. B. STUART  

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