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I SEE YOU....Marc

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Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:

On 31 August 2015 Marc Ching headed to China for the first time to rescue dogs. Here's what he saw and the account as to why he does it:

                                             China Slaughterhouse Dogs #14

He went to China..... 

To save dogs. To survey the landscape. To see what I can do for both animals and the people out there.
Everyone asks me why there. Why invest my time in a foreign land with different rules and a differing value system. Why not here? Why not help the people and animals suffering here?

I do. I spend my time every day trying to do something here, trying to help and reach out in my own way. But it is there that I keep seeing these pictures. It is there that I keep seeing these videos capturing inhumanity at its worst.
The dismembering of a whale shark alive. The skinning of dogs while they still breathe to take their fur.
But it is there too, in these foreign lands that people have so little that they cannot help anyone but themselves. It is there, that the money I have goes so much further, so my reach and impact can really be a difference in the lives of so many. And whether it is here or there - to me it is still a life. It is still a beating heart. It is still a broken soul.

My trip will be short. I have never been anywhere in the world other then the United States. I am traveling there alone. I cannot speak Chinese. But I can speak the language all people around the world speak - compassion, understanding, and love. I am going to find both people and animals that are suffering. I am going to liberate and rescue them. I am going to use what I have learned in my life - and change the handful of lives that I come across. It is going to be an amazing journey. A journey of self realization. A journey of promise...

The places upon which my feet will press - it will be some of the darkest places out there. I am literally going to see the struggle. I am going to the country side to where people have nothing. To villages, to the dog meat markets, to a dog slaughterhouse, to the areas people explicitly look to avoid - to rescue and do what I can to save those around me that need saving.
In the end I might find that this is too much for me. That as a person I cannot do anything. That the risk to my life is too great. But in the end I might also find a tortured dog who needs me. A young child who desperately needs a chance. A family whom is starving and dying - who when they went to sleep that night dreamt that one day someone would come to save them. That someone would come to reach into the broken Earth and pull from it their crumbling heart.

It is going to be a great journey. And I believe my heart and my wanting to do good will keep me safe and protect me.   ### Marc Ching
Marc Ching's hope is that through his darkness, his sorrow, his grief, his torment, his courage....that he gives birth to the awareness---that we too suffer from the visual pain enough---to demand this be stopped.  ---R. B. Stuart


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