Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I SEE YOU...South Korea

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Founder, Marc Ching:

On 10 January 2016 Marc Ching headed to South Korea to rescue more slaughterhouse dogs. 

Liberation at Gimcheon South Korea

                                      South Korea Slaughterhouse Dogs #15
I cannot sleep.

It's 4:00 in the morning, and I am waiting for the sun to clear that edge. For the sun to dry the tears that fall from me to the bed.

As the sun rises, there will only be darkness where I am headed. Only death. Only my tears that burn the ground upon which I tread.

It's always before dawn that I question. That I begin to wonder if the sacrifice I make will be worth it. None of you can ever begin to imagine how ugly death is. The way watching a living thing being tortured, the way it crawls underneath your skin.

They have no heart here, the people doing these things. Its as if they were born without eyes, and cannot see the beauty inside the heart of a life. The atrocities of man, the atrocities of being compassionless - no words can ever describe the cruelty you will find.

I watched them crucify dogs into walls. I watched them burn dogs alive from their feet to their eyes. I die every time. And in each moment when I return, I push myself into this space where the darkness takes me - and I begin to crumble into the Earth.

Sometimes I wonder how much death my eyes can bear. Sometimes I wonder if there are other people that venture into the same places I dare. Because this is where the war is. This is where our hearts and voices are so desperately needed.

No one can understand the cruelty of a man born without a heart until you look into his eyes. It is terrifying. The hollowness you find, the evil that lurks in the absence of light. To them there are no reasons. No hope. Only nothingness.
And I guess that is the answer to why I return. Because I cannot leave them trapped there with nothing. I cannot leave them crucified into that wall until their breath peels itself from their skin.

In a few hours, I will die just like them.

May my heart and my wanting to do good, may it protect me as it always has. May the goodness I see in my children's hearts, may it be light in a space where love is absent.
My name is Marc Ching, and I promise to be that miracle for them. I promise, that to the end of my breath - I will be justice. Liberation in Gimcheon South Korea - God save them. ###Marc Ching

The unbearable courageousness of Marc Ching's rescue efforts blaze on.... He is crucifying his own Spirit to rescue the ravaged Souls of the tortured South Korean dogs. Please spread the awareness by sharing the links.    ---R. B. STUART    

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  1. Worthless crappie you are and each of you who do this to dogs and cats deserve to due!!