Saturday, February 27, 2016

I SEE YOU...Rescue Them

Guest Writer
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
The PetStaurant

FB - The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation 
Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:

                       Marc Ching Bowing before a Tortured and Cremated Dog #20

The Compassion Project:
My trip is set. Five countries in nine days.

The most intense, and probably the most grueling journey I have set upon in regards to liberating dogs, that cannot liberate themselves.

I will visit a total of eleven slaughterhouses, two dog farms - all in a nine day expanse. My aim and goal, to rescue and save whomever it is that I can. But also to work to obtain the footage I believe I need in order to push governments to enact change.
Because if I could take you there. If you could hear the way they use their words to ask for mercy.

If you could stand with me there. If you could hold my hand as the Earth pulls their exploding hearts from my reach. You would bleed the same tears I bleed. And in the end, at that moment when you and I face death - you would have no choice but to face it with me.

Because once you see it. Once your skin is stained in the stench that dismembering a dog alive leaves across your chest - who you are, it will be the same tattooed sleeves that hold these dying dogs in my arms.

When I press my feet into that place. When who I am journeys pass the divide that separates humanity from the inhumane, I find my skin flush against a blade.
I stand there. On that precipice - breaking into the wind like ice falling from the sky to my knees. It was my chest they cut open. It was my palms that they nail gunned crucifying my hands into walls.

I have to be the one to save them.

North Vietnam. Cambodia. Thailand. Yulin China. South Korea. 5 countries. 11 slaughterhouses. 9 days.

May my heart, and may my wanting to do good keep me safe. May I find my way back home to my children and my family. May the goodness inside of me, may I not lose the best of who I am to darkness.

Freedom... it begins March 2nd 2016.
Let the tears I push through my skin, and the way I live my life - be the way in which I am remembered. My name is Marc Ching. This is the heart of rescue. And I am the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.

I die, because someone has to die to save them. Rescue me.  ###Marc Ching
Please spread the courageous, selfless work of Marc Ching. He stands in the blood of these victimized dogs so we don't have to, he hears their desperate pleas for the pain to end, he see's the suffering and abuse South East Asia won't acknowledge...he brings home their tortured Spirits hoping their Soul is reborn into the loving, compassionate arms of humanity.  ---R. B. STUART

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