Friday, March 11, 2016

I SEE YOU...Hanoi

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Founder, Marc Ching:

The Compassion Rescue Mission                                                            

3 March 2016:

                                   Hanoi, Vietnam: Torturing with a Smile #21
It's love that guides me. It's my past that pushes me to find my future. It's the suffering. The darkness that as a people we cannot leave behind, nor forget.

That is what makes us who we are. That is what builds our heart into who ever it is we are destined to become. Tears. Breaking parts. The greatest love song.

When I am there. When I see their blood spill to the floor from their skin. When I feel them take their last dying breath - the darkness, it consumes me.

I rescue, because in the end it is me whom I am rescuing. I rescue, because in that one moment when you stand that close to death, you find exactly who you were meant to be.

Chaos is defining.

In death, I see liberty. In death, I make a choice to give them a chance to die in peace.

Today I rescued 21 dogs. Four of them had no legs. Two I saved shackled and chained the moment fire was set to them. Six died as we brought them from darkness into light. Five had their chests cut opened, died in the van on the way to emergency.
In the end, I hope they knew I came to save them. That when they left this Earth, they left knowing that someone loved and cared for them. That a piece of who they were passed through my skin. A piece I pass to you. A piece I pass to my own children.

For the first time since I started doing this, I broke into the darkness. While my knees still buckled to the concrete beneath. While my eyes still shattered into a thousand tears that pieced through the hearts of those that stood there dying. I found who I was. I rescued. For those that could not be saved, I was peace.

I documented. And when I left with the dogs I came to liberate, my mind took solace in the fact that soon I will have the pieces I need to finish my media campaign.

Because if you could stand there with me. If you could hold my bleeding heart in your veins. If you could watch what I call the end of humanity. The death and darkness, it is so compelling, they would have to enact laws to change it.

I believe, because I see it. I believe, because I breathe in darkness - and it is terrifying.

Stand with me. Break into the Earth with me. Die with me. Take this journey into hell with me. Hold my hand when I come back bleeding. Tell me that in the end, that the suffering will be worth it.

One country, and three slaughterhouses less. I leave North Vietnam to Thailand in the morning. ###Marc Ching

When a nation teaches its children that torture, abuse, crucifixion and slaughter of a domesticated, defenseless animal capable of kindness, joy, love and protection---its elders owe society the recalibration of its moral compass of wisdom and intelligence that senseless abuse is no longer acceptable in a world were there are other forms of food. I highly doubt if the caveman or Egyptian's ate their immortalized canine companions etched for millennia on the walls of ruins. This barbaric, unconscionable act of disfiguring and dismembering dogs for profit while they remain alive---is evil to say the least. Let us not turn away or forget the tragedy our lovely furry packages encounter daily on the other side of the moon.... ---R. B. Stuart