Friday, November 13, 2015

I SEE YOU...Buddha

Guest Writer
The PetStaurant
The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation
Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:  

                                                             Buddha #7

My name is Buddha,
And today God chose to give me a chance. Today - life chose to spare me. To align the stars and to pull from the sky my bleeding heart. And a soul that has crumbled to the ground in pieces. I am only six years old, but the chance I have of living a normal life, it has been stolen from me.

I am an animal cruelty case, and the skin I am living in has literally been diseased and torn. How a person can leave me in this state of suffering - I do not understand.
But I am alive. And now more than ever, I am questioning if life is even worth living. I am questioning if the suffering I endure daily, if the pain of having to live in my body, if it is even worth it.

Marc told me that he does not know the quality of life I will have after he rehabilitates me. He does not even know if I will survive. But he told me this - that he believes it's the suffering that makes it worth it. That having to endure intolerable pain and surviving it - that it makes whatever we have left more important.

To live and die, and to experience only misery. Marc told me if this is my life, then the life I lived was for nothing. To live and suffer, but then to find something extraordinary in the end. To have a family, to grow to know what love is. That this is something worth suffering for. That this is the reason to fill my lungs with breath, and to do my best to hold on.

I am currently at an emergency hospital fighting for my life. Fighting to stay alive. 

I want to know what love is...    ###Marc Ching

Be certain, Marc Ching will go to the ends of the earth to rescue an abused dog...---RBS


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