Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I SEE YOU....Snowy Girl

On Sunday, November 8th 2015 while I was writing post #5 about my dog Sunday and his mother Snowy, unknowingly 3,000 miles away my sister in New England was contemplating putting down her love, Snowy, a 15 year old snow white poodle---due to failing health. I wrote whilst my sister tried to abate the emotional and mental convulsions that attempted to possess her.

Snowy greeted everyone. Her stout body contorted with joy and happiness, her under bite smile sparkled with excitement, she was a doting mother and a fierce protector of my sister. At the age of three, Snowy brought four babies into the world, two would stake claim on the hearts of me and another sister down south. We spent the last 12 years watching Mama Snowy and Papa Buddy grow older, as their lineage continued to bring joy, love and comfort to others.

But Snowy's health at 15 became precarious. My sister observed her beloved girl struggle seeing, walking and remembering. And on Sunday November 8th 2015, Snowy would take her final compromised breath and leave this earth. Within moments my sister headed home in a cold, dark, empty car images of her girl swirling around her head. The still warm blanket permeated the car with her scent. But Snowy...she was bouncing her way off to Heaven where she skipped through the cottony clouds, her ears swaying with the breeze of freedom.

When she reached Heavens Gate she was greeted by a pack of dogs who eagerly awaited the bevy of stories from her fulfilling life on earth as Snowy Girl. The first to greet her were the dogs born into our family decades earlier; Lady, Sandy, Jackie, Smokey, Luv and Spookey. They listened intently as she reminisced. They showered her with approval and adoration for living such an exciting and courageous life, for loving unconditionally, forgiving, and being a great friend. They escorted her over to a thin, gentle bald man draped in a brown linen gown with a rope tied around his waist, St. Francis of Assisi, and waving an extended arm welcomed her to his flock.

Snowy was no longer handicapped by age, girth or failing eyes and heart. And as St. Francis stepped back, Snowy saw a garden of dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors with sheer white wings fluttering on their backs. They were immersed in ham bones, chocolate chips, chicken livers, greenies, sirloin tip and ice cream. Her body was young and pain free again, her eyes as clear as Tiffany goblets. Snowy skipped---then leapt over to Heavens feast where she found a home---with a new, immortal family. A pale pink satin ribbon cascaded from her chest, it scrolled down her legs and paws and drifted thousands of miles away. It is invisible to humans, but the other end is attached to my sisters heart, where they remain bound by love and devotion...until they meet again.

       We'll see you soon girl...Thank you for spreading the love....Love Aunty   xoxoxo

                                                            Snowy Girl #6

                                                     Sunday & Mama Snowy

                                                 Mama Snowy & Papa Buddy
                                                               Snowy Girl
                                        May You Howl at the Moon in Peace
                                       11 September 2000 ~ 8 November 2015
                                                            Bye Girl.... xoxo

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