Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I SEE YOU...Boots

Guest Writer
The PetStaurant
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation 
Sherman Oaks, CA.
Founder, Marc Ching:  


                                                               Boots #12

My name is Boots,

I am one of 16 German Shephards rescued from the meat trade in Tianjin China.

At the time of my liberation all my paws were bound, and literally I was saved minutes before my feet were set to be cut off. When Marc Ching rescued me, he pulled me from darkness with over twenty other dogs. Some whose legs were dismembered, some whose paws had been severed so the foot itself could be dried and sold, like how people would buy a rabbit's foot for luck.

I am an American now, one of eleven dogs that touched down today at Los Angeles International Airport.

When Marc saw me, he told me his heart felt confused. While he was so incredibly happy and proud that I survived and made the journey - inside of him there is still that part they hung by a noose. Still that part that bleeds from his heart into his shoes.

He told me that he lies awake at night. That he holds his son as close to his flesh as one possibly could, but that tears still escape leaving marks like how a blade does when cutting into a wound.

I licked his nose with that same softness in which he used to unbind my foot. I want him to remember the lives saved, not the breaths he could not liberate.

The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation believes that pressure from the masses, and a million hearts uniting into a common front will be enough to change laws and bring about compassion.

Because even though Marc is dead and dying, even though his heart is shards evaporated into dried pools underneath his feet - he still believes that within us all there is love and good.

My name is Boots, and while I was born into the meat trade, I was also born to be a beacon of truth and living proof that light can be found in the darkest of places.

I am up for adoption. Mom and Dad, be the dream that salvation whispered to me. Be the hope I believed and held in my hands when who I was had to be so enduring.  ### Marc Ching

Yet another nearly crucified, broken spirit was rescued by the compassionate, Japanese Viking warrior, Lord of the Dogs, Marc Ching. Using only love as his sword and empathy as his shield, he demolishes every obstacle that would prevent him from recovering the quivering, voiceless souls crying out from foreign lands. In the deep of the night, Marc hears the torment and anguish of these innocent furry creatures.... born unto this earth as our loyal, undying friends.  ---R. B. Stuart 


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